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Yummy Yummy Tempeh

One is never enough.

Made with a secret recipe and homegrown belinjo nuts, Yummy Yummy belinjo is made of top quality ingredients. Thin and crispy, each piece is generously coated with a unique shrimp paste that cannot be found anywhere else. Try it to know it. Be warned - once you start, you cannot stop!

  • Best belinjo I've tried.

    This is the best, thinnest and crispiest belinjo I've ever tried. The unique prawn paste makes the bitter cracker sweet and very addictive!

    - Eugene Ng

  • Belinjo is a must-try!

    Yummy Yummy belinjo is very different from those in Singapore. The flavours are very special that I haven't found anywhere else.

    - Sheryl Lim

  • Been buying for 3 years.

    First tried it in 2020 when a friend introduced and never stopped buying every year, especially during CNY. The perfect snack that everyone loves.

    - Zhi Yong

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